Delfin pneumatic conveyors have linear vibrating channel dispensers, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, external satin finish and internal polishing.


These accessories are made for granular products that can create a certain amount of dust during handling or tend to become compacted; by fitting the bottom of the channel with one or more grids, the waste can be selected one or more times, collecting the good product at the end of the machine. The machine carries the product delicately, thanks to its intrinsic operating principle.
Depending on the apparent specific weight of the product, different flow rates can be achieved, ranging from a few kg/h to values in the order of several tonnes/h.

  • 180l loading hopper with height-adjustable guillotine to stop the product at different heights and therefore manage the delivery capacity of the system.
  • Linear channel with rectangular cross-section.
  • Tubular support frame with height-adjustable feet
  • Electromagnet drive in ABS housing, secured to the vibrating channel frame.
  • Cone made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which intercepts the product delivered by the vibrating channel and, thanks to a smooth cylindrical front coupling, allows the connection of the flexible tubular line to any Delfin conveyor.

The vibrating channel can also be supplied in the ATEX version, on request.


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Vibrating channel with cone - Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors


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