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conveyors for legumes

Legumes are a source of plant proteins and complex carbohydrates, they have many benefits for the body and there are several types. Among the most common are: beans, broad beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, carob, lupins and peanuts.

During the entire legume packaging process, one of the main objectives is to avoid product breakage and to preserve its organoleptic properties.

Pneumatic conveyor systems are designed for handling large volumes of legumes, while preserving their integrity until the end of the process. All this while guaranteeing quality and meeting the high hygiene standards required by the sector. Pneumatic conveyors ensure high flexibility in product changeovers and avoid the dispersion of material in the department, thus eliminating any risk of falls and injuries to workers.

  • Simple installation, commissioning and use
  • Minimal space required in the department
  • Flexible use with different references
  • Ability to handle large volumes of legumes
  • No product breakage.

Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors ensures maximum productivity at minimum costs, making use of our extensive knowledge of operations in the food sector.



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