Loading and unloading of vibrating screen with pneumatic conveyor for 3D printing industry


Sieving metal powders is essential to ensure the quality of the final product when it is necessary to recover excess material from the printer.

During the production of 3D printing, the metal powder is carried to and from the vibrating screens, where the larger parts are separated from the smaller ones. Handling the material manually generates a lot of dust, which not only requires more cleaning, but also exposes workers to high health risks.

Delfin pneumatic conveyors reduce dust and the risk of injuries to personnel working near the vibrating screens. Simple installation, use and easy sanitisation help minimise downtime and ensure maximum safety for operators.




The compact size and modular and airtight design of Delfin pneumatic conveyors make them suitable for a wide range of applications in additive manufacturing.

Our customer, a global leader in additive manufacturing technology, used to load the vibrating screen manually and at height on one of its lines, putting the operators at risk, as they were exposed to harmful dust and the possibility of accidents.

Together with one of the largest manufacturers of vibrating screens, we have designed a solution suited to the needs of the customer: thanks to the integrated solution, this operation becomes an automated process: Excess metal powders are taken directly from the printer and discharged onto the vibrating screen. The vibrating screen sieves the powders, recovers the good ones and feeds them back into the production cycle with the need for less personnel, reduced product contamination and consequently shorter production times.

This integrated system on a wheeled frame conveys, sifts, discharges and recovers the product in a single action, ensuring great efficiency and compactness of the unit.


  • Machine powered by a Venturi vacuum pump with 8 nozzles (ATEX zone 21 and 22 certifiable).
  • All parts in contact with the products are made of polished AISI 304 stainless steel with FDA-certified food-grade seals (external satin finish and internal polishing).
  • Vibrating screen with ultrasonic system for powder separation
  • Special hopper for the recovery of metal powders.
  • Special small hopper for easy waste disposal
Vibrating screen loading and unloading for the 3D printing industry - Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors solution


  • Non-contaminated working environment (no dispersion produced during the process).
  • Improved operator safety.
  • Fully automated production process.
  • Simple installation, commissioning, use and sanitisation.
  • Prevents product spillage and waste with consequent cost savings.
  • Compactness and easy handling.


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