Packaging of nutraceutical powders with pneumatic conveyor

Nutraceutical powder packaging

Packaging is the final phase of the production process and usually involves a large number of people: low noise levels are therefore essential for a comfortable working environment. 

Delfin pneumatic conveyors are ideal for feeding packaging machines in the nutraceutical industry, precisely because they are designed to ensure low noise levels. They also ensure employee safety by reducing exposure to dust particles during the packaging process.



The customer, a manufacturer of food supplements, used to load the product into the packaging machine using a bulky, expensive system which was also difficult to sanitise. This leads to less space in the department, a risk of product contamination and long and difficult sanitisation procedures.

With the new Delfin system, the complete preservation of the product is achieved throughout the entire process, from the picking point with a lance (Big-bag) to the discharge point (packaging machine). It also reduces the space required in the department, facilitating and speeding up sanitising operations, with consequent savings in time, money and product. Thanks to the Venturi system, the noise levels in the department are very low.


  • Machine completely powered by compressed air (ATEX zone 22 and 21 certifiable) complete with pneumatic panel
  • Reaches a high vacuum level (800 mbar) generated by a Venturi ejector with 15 nozzles
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of polished AISI 304 stainless steel with FDA-certified food-grade seals (External satin finish/Internal polishing)
  • Cylindrical body: Ø420mm, with a 20l load capacity (adjustable)
  • Conveying capacity of nutraceutical powders up to 3000kg/h (distance considered 5m)
Packaging of nutraceutical powders_Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors


  • Low noise level during the suction phase
  • Maximum customisation of loading and discharge times, settable via the pneumatic panel
  • Simple installation, commissioning and use
  • Maximum preservation of the product during transport
  • Easy sanitisation (the conveyor is equipped with clamp connections)
  • Compactness
  • Reduction of space required in the production department


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