Pneumatic conveying in the pharmaceutical industry

our priority: safety, quality and precision



Pharmaceutical companies have very specific and stringent standards when it comes to creating drugs such as pills, tablets or capsules, which is a must when it comes to health. Pharmaceutical items must, first of all, comply with specific percentages of components and, of course, cannot be contaminated by other chemicals, dust or dirt. The production rate must also be strictly complied with; it is not always possible to run out of a drug or to rely on stocks, and in these cases downtime causes double damage. It is also necessary to consider that there are many different types of production machines to be fed in this field, such as blister packaging machines, tableting machines, capsule filling machines, mixers, reactors, compactors or tablet presses.

Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors is able to meet all these needs and comply with all the standards of the pharmaceutical industry, including the most stringent ones in terms of product quality, safety and cleanliness

Safety_Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors


The product is transported inside a completely closed system and in total safety. This prevents the risk of product contamination and prevents it from being dispersed within the production departments, causing environmental pollution and the risk of injuries.

Quality_Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors


Preservation of the integrity and organoleptic characteristics of the product: No contamination, dispersion or demixing, resulting in improved overall product quality.

Sanitisation_Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors


Simple installation and connection with other machines in the pharmaceutical process. Minimal maintenance is required and sanitisation is extremely simple and fast with few moving mechanical parts subject to wear.

Conveyor for pharmaceutical powders_Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors


Our pneumatic conveyors are designed and built to be connected with machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, with the aim of improving production efficiency, increasing safety and maintaining a high level of hygiene within the department.

The collection of pharmaceutical powder and active ingredients takes place automatically, without the need for clogging or human intervention, with the result of a cleaner working environment and, consequently, a better production process.

Our conveyor systems guarantee proper performance in terms of quantity to avoid the demixing of pharmaceutical powders, transporting the material delicately to tablet presses, reactors, capsuling machines, blister packaging machines and other process machines, always in compliance with health and safety standards and ATEX directives, which is essential in the pharmaceutical sector.


  • No contamination or demixing of the transported powders
  • High level of hygiene and safety within the production department
  • High flexibility of use and easy connection with industry process machines
  • Easy sanitisation and warranty in compliance with the regulations in force in the pharmaceutical industry




Tablets and capsules are transported through the pharmaceutical manufacturing process manually or automatically.
Contamination, demixing, production waste, as well as the final quality of the product, are issues that must be addressed, without forgetting compliance with ATEX directives and health and safety standards, which is essential in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our conveyor systems are adapted to each specific requirement in the pharmaceutical process, maintaining an impenetrable and safe system between the different phases of the process.
Delfin pneumatic conveyors provide innovative solutions that connect easily to the various process machines used in the industry. From start to finish, transport is delicate
and precise to obtain a high-quality final product. 
Conveyor for capsules and tablets_Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors
  • Precision and quality of the final product
  • High level of hygiene and safety within the production department
  • High flexibility of use and easy connection with industry process machines
  • Quick and easy sanitisation
  • Warranty in compliance with the regulations in force in the pharmaceutical industry





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