PRO 560E

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Dilute phase pneumatic conveyor, equipped with a side channel electric blower and a three-phase motor, CE and FDA certified system and ATEX Zone 22 certifiable, recommended for heavy and continuous use.

Suitable for dry, smooth products, in powder and/or granule form, for which the integrity of the product must be preserved. Fully automatic functional logic, system designed for both continuous operation and external potential-free signal. Parts in contact with the product made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel, external satin finish and internal polishing.


  • Simple installation, commissioning, use, sanitisation.
  • Unaltered quality and integrity of the product.
  • CE certified system, food use, FDA, wide range of accessories available.
  • No extra space required in the production department.
  • Very low noise levels.
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Dilute phase conveyor PRO560E



made of AISI 316 Stainless Steel
10μm - 200μm


made of AISI 316
stainless steel


 Zone 22


suction unit


System powered by a high-efficiency three-phase side channel electric blower, maintenance-free and suitable for continuous and prolonged service.

Complete with by-pass valves and vacuum shut-off valve.

filter unit

filter unit

FDA certified filter unit available with an average of 1-10-200 µm depending on the particle size of the product to be transported.

Automatic filter cleaning system performed at each unloading cycle.

loading & discharge unit

loading & discharge unit

• Single-body truncated conical loading unit with tangential product inlet, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with internal polishing and external satin finish. 
Maximum load capacity 80l.

​• Ø160mm balanced Clapet discharge unit.

control unit

control unit

Power & control panel secured to support frame, painted steel housing, PLC 12IN-8OUT multipolar cables with plug for connection to the utilities installed on the load unit, 6m long.
Continuous operation or from external signal. Painted steel support frame.


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