Capsule and tablet press loading and unloading with pneumatic conveyor


Pharmaceutical companies have very specific and strict standards when it comes to creating drugs such as tablets and the use of Delfin pneumatic conveyor guarantees these high quality standards.

When loading or unloading the tablet press, it is essential to maintain a safe working environment for personnel, while ensuring efficient production and reducing the risk of material separation and contamination.

With the Delfin pneumatic conveyor, the material is taken directly and automatically by mixers, dryers, and other process machinery. By managing the conveying speed and protecting the product infeed, the finished tablets can be transferred from the machine gently and without waste.



Manual handling or other material handling techniques to feed the tablet press or retrieve the outfeed material are not always suitable to preserve the product and keep the workplace safe and clean at the same time.  

The customer, a manufacturer of pharmaceutical supplements, loads its rotary tablet press manually. With this system, the product generates weight fluctuations with high inaccuracies and rejects and the press often malfunctions, as it cannot handle an excessive load of product in a short time.

With the Delfin system, the tablets are taken from bins and unloaded onto the tablet press. This work process is fully automated, thus increasing the productivity of the line. The automatic loading of the press makes it possible to maintain the weight, in this case of the single tablet, within a very precise range and without any rejects.

The transferred product, being channelled in a closed circuit, has no way of escaping into the environment. In this case, the production department is also a cleaner and safer place.



  • Machine completely powered by compressed air (ATEX zone 22 and 21 certifiable) complete with pneumatic panel

  • High level of vacuum generated by a Venturi ejector
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of polished AISI 304 stainless steel with FDA-certified food-grade seals (External satin finish/Internal polishing)
Press loading and unloading - Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors solution


  • Elimination of risks of operator injury.
  • Fully automated production process.
  • Increased line productivity.
  • Greater accuracy of finished product weight.
  • No product waste or environmental contamination.
  • Simple installation, use, sanitisation and maintenance.


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